Planet Nanny Explores: Mary McCool's Swim School

February 22, 2018




Explore: Mary McCool's Swim School:

Swimming is a great way to stay active but also very important in life. There are many summer circumstances where knowing how to swim to safety or back float could save your child's life. Here in Bend, Planet Nanny checked out Mary McCool's Swim School. ​


She has a major following and from personal experience, does a stellar job teaching the kiddos how to swim in her salt water pool. Mary and her daughter Molly have a very structured approach that might not be for every family. They are strong and firm instructors that provide a safe encouraging environment to teach children to swim in. Mary and Molly work through the cries(that normally don't last past the first session) of children and keep going for the 1/2 hour lesson. In the end, the child learn that this is a fun activity, and even though swimming ca