How We Choose Our Nannies





At Planet Nanny we pride ourselves on only referring the most qualified and dedicated nannies. We believe every family deserves a truly superb nanny to care for their children. As the Premier Nanny Placement Agency Serving the Greater Portland Area and Central Oregon, we only place caregivers that are truly passionate about helping children learn and grow while showcasing an aptitude for working as part of a parenting team. We are proud to say that we take every placement personally and strive for lasting connections. Following is our Nanny selection process so you can feel confident that every caregiver referred by Planet Nanny is truly exceptional.




Our Standards:

  • To be referred as a superb nanny through Planet Nanny, each potential caregiver must demonstrate a passion for child development and exude the qualities needed to help raise exceptional tiny humans

  • If a nanny meets our requirements, an extensive face to face interview is conducted.  

  • Following the interview process, we extensively check personal references to ensure each nanny has a stellar history.

  •  Planet Nanny then uses a private investigation agency to authenticate each nanny’s background before hiring


All of our Superb Nannies Meet the Following Requirements:

  • 3+ years of Professional Childcare Experience

  • Professional experience or equivalent education

  • A passion for childcare and family assistance

  • Experience in enrichment or educational activities geared toward children

  • Multiple positive childcare and character references

  • Sparkling clean background

  • Clean driving record

  • CPR/First Aid certifications

  • Valid driver’s license 

  • Non-smoker

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