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Alexandra Cook provided in-home care for my son from age 2.5 to about 4 years. I can say with certainty that she is a remarkable caregiver. She always came prepared with age appropriate activities for Parker. She met his strong-willed nature with compassion and love, but also with firm boundaries, which helped him thrive. Alexandra has a warm and enthusiastic spirit, and is a wonderful communicator. In addition, I have witnessed her commitment in carefully matching caregivers with families. I have observed the care and diligence she devoted to finding, screening, and selecting her own replacement for her employers when her path took her from Central Oregon to the Willamette Valley. She also provided me with invaluable assistance in my search for a caregiver that was a good fit for our family when we had our second child. In short, I cannot recommend Planet Nanny enough, because I know Alexandra’s passion for the care and growth of our little people and dedication to providing exemplary service to their parents cannot be surpassed.

Camden, Bend, Super Mom

Thank you so very much #PlanetNanny for providing a night out with peace of mind. So thankful I found a trustworthy reliable resource, and you managed to win my kids hearts in the process. 

Crystal, Super Mom

How very lucky the people of Bend and Portland are! Parents look no further than Planet Nanny! Kate will have you covered. 

Fran, Super Mom

My two kids and I have many reasons to love Lexi.  She was super nanny to my children and I am forever grateful for the time we had with her.  When she had my children I always knew they were her number one focus.  The effort she put into making sure their days were filled with fun learning experiences continuously made me wish I could join in!  She is a very conscientious person always putting 100% effort into everything she touches.  It is the only way she knows to operate, ALL or nothing.  Anyone lucky enough to have Lexi's help with anything will immediately know there is nothing to worry about.  Since all of us mother's out there put our children's happiness and safety at the top of our list it is especially nice when you have help from someone who is equally as concerned about our kids well being.  It is honestly a priceless quality that Lexi possesses naturally, she LOVES kids!  

Megan, Bend, Super Mom

Lexi is a celebrity at our house. She is a wonderful nanny and we were fortunate to have her for our four kids. She is loving, firm, and fun. Mary Poppins, eat your heart out.

Yvette, Bend, Super Mom of 4

Five Stars!

Sandy, Super Grandma

Portland, Oregon 97212

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