Hiring a Live-In Nanny

Hiring a live-in Nanny is a big decision and we want to help put your mind at ease. 

We can't wait to meet your family! We come to you to find out what your family needs and match you with the right nanny for your family. Our nannies are as unique as our families.

Worry not, Planet Nanny is here for you every step of the way!

We make it simple to:

​Make a great match
Have a successful interview
Choose a qualified candidate
Negotiate a contract

Go to work with confidence

Service Fees

Planet Nanny is proud to offer our services at a considerable savings over local standards! We understand that high quality care can be a luxury and by keeping our rates low, we hope to make finding the perfect nanny attainable for more families. After we have accepted your application, we require a non-refundable registration fee of $300. This starts the process and allows us to begin searching for your perfect caregiver. Once you hire your superb nanny, a final placement fee is made.


Agency Placement Fees: $1300


Beginning with your nanny's start date, we offer a 3 month guarantee period. If for any reason within this timeline your Planet Nanny nanny does not meet your expectations, we will happily rematch your family.

Some FAQS about hiring a live-in nanny:

We understand that you are probably new to this process so we want to offer all the advice we can from the start.

Q. Should our nanny be paying room and board?

A. In the short, no. It is not industry standard to charge a nanny room and board when you are looking to hire a live-in. Having a live-in nanny is a great convenience for a family but still a lot of hard work for a nanny. A nanny shouldn't be asked to pay so that she can work for you.  

More about this can be found in a great article by the Nanny Counsel.

Q. Can we hire a nanny in exchange for room and board?

A. No, as that is illegal. Nannies are non-exempt domestic employees. Legally live-in nannies must be paid for all hours worked, including applicable overtime.

Q. Am I required to pay taxes and offer a w-2 to my live-in nanny?

A. Yes, you are legally required to pay taxes and provide a w-2.

Q. What are the industry standards for benefits for a full-time, live-in nanny?


A. The normal benefits for a live in nanny are as follows:


  1. Room. Live-in nannies typically are provided with at least a private bedroom and bathroom, however some live-in nannies are provided with a guest house or separate living accommodations offsite.

  2. Board. While meals and utilities are included, some nannies also get all of their toiletries paid for, as well as their cell phone and other living expenses.

  3. Paid vacation time. Live-in nannies typically receive one to two weeks of paid vacation. When two weeks are offered, typically the nanny picks one week of time she’d like off and the family picks the other.

  4. Paid holidays. Live-in nannies are typically paid for eight to 11 holidays off each year. Federal holidays are typically a given.

  5. Paid sick days. Nannies are typically provided with three to five sick days per year.

  6. Paid personal days. Nannies are also typically provided with one to two personal days per year.

  7. Contributions towards health insurance. Nannies may receive partial or full contributions towards their health insurance premiums. These contributions can be made with tax free dollars, so offering this benefit can actually save employers money and increase the nanny’s net wages.

  8. Use of an employer provided vehicle. Live-in nannies are often provided with a vehicle to use during working hours, however most families allow their live-in nanny to use it during off hours too.

  9. Professional development reimbursement. Live-in nannies may be reimbursed for professional development, including memberships to organizations like the International Nanny Association and conference expenses or trainings.

  10. Use of family memberships. As a member of the household, nannies may be given access to the family’s gym or health club as an employment benefit or perk. 

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We know how difficult it is to find a nanny who will perfectly suit your family’s needs. That’s exactly what we’re here for. You can trust us to find the right individual for your child. We’ve got you covered.

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