Frequently asked questions

What is Planet Nanny all about?

We are a nanny run, family supported agency that is here to bring a united front to raising the wonderful children of Oregon. We understand nannies and we know how hard it is to find amazing families. We also understand families and understand how daunting and time consuming it can be to find a nanny. We started Planet Nanny to bridge the gap and use our knowledge and experience to help build lasting lasting relationships. Planet Nanny is here to offer support, guidance and love to our sitters, nannies and families.

Why go through an agency instead of an online platform?

Experience. We understand nannies and families and how to make a lasting connection. Planet Nanny talks with your family and helps you discover what you really want and need in a caregiver. We understand how important consistency in care is for your child so we go the extra mile. As part of the nanny community ourselves, we understand the right questions to ask nannies to better understand who they are and what they need in employers. This understanding and match making process leads to better relationships long term. In addition, we do the leg work running background checks, talking with references and sorting through applicants so you can spend more time with your family. There isn't an online platform out there that can give you family the personal touch that a Nanny Agency can.

What areas of Oregon do you serve?

Currently Planet Nanny is placing caregivers in the greater Portland area which includes but isn’t limited to (NE, NW, SE, SW) Portland, Lake Oswego, West Linn, Beaverton, Tualatin, Hillsboro, Oregon City, Forest Grove, Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, Sherwood, Tigard and Wilsonville. We also serve Bend, Sisters, Redmond, Black Butte Ranch, Sunriver and other parts of Central Oregon. Additionally, we now serve Corvallis, Salem and Eugene! If you live in another area of Oregon, please reach out and see if we can help!

What does your Placement

Procedure include?

Our placement process begins with a face to face interview of every nanny that we work with. We believe that by getting to know our nannies we can make better matches and help foster long lasting and happier nanny/family relationships. As much as we love our nannying community, we only accept a small percentage of the nannies that apply to work with us. We make these decision based on numerous factors so that your family can be assured that you are getting the perfect blend of experience, expertise and compassion. Planet Nanny asks that all of our Full Time and Part Time nannies have at least 3 years of professional experience or relevant education. We personally check the candidates references and offer reports based on these references, that a potential employer will receive before meeting with a candidate. As needed, we also explore all education and certificates for authenticity and validity. We understand nannies and we strive to only work with the most experienced and skilled caregivers. Rest assured that any nanny that you meet through Planet Nanny looks at nannying as the wonderful career that it is and will treat every position with the respect it deserves. The following step is for us to send the preliminary profiles of qualified candidates to the family so they can choose who they would like to interview in person. After a successful in person interview and a decision to hire is made, contract negotiations begin and we start the background checking process with a Private Investigation Agency. The Private Investigation Agency will run a thorough background check including SSN Trace, County Criminal Search, National Criminal Search, DMV history and National Sex Offender Registry check. All in accordance with FLSA standards. All hires are contingent on background check results.

What does Planet Nanny charge to find the perfect caregiver?

For up to date pricing on agency and final contract fees as well as all other information your family needs when being paired with any of our fantastic caregivers, please refer to individual service pages. These are in addition to our $300 Agency Registration Fee.

The basics-

Up to 29 hours per week of care: $1000

30+ hours per week of care: $1300

Overnight: Hourly during waking hours, flat fee overnight.

Infant/Newborn: Case by case, depending on needs and desired qualifications

How much do Planet Nanny caregivers charge?

We believe in a livable wage for all of our nannies and sitters. Due to this and in alignment with industry standards, Planet Nanny insists on a minimum of $15 an hour for nannies and sitters. This rate is dependent of qualifications, experience, duties required, number of children, ect. Part and Full time nannies charge a minimum of $15 per hour (with a median hourly rate of $17-$21).

How long does it take to find a nanny for my family?

Due to our very specialized and selective match-making process, placements take between 3-8 weeks. (In rare cases this process may be be expedited but this is not guarenteed and should not be expected).

Why is Planet Nanny so affordable?

Here at Planet Nanny, we did our research. As experienced professional nannies ourselves we know how important it is to be paid a living hourly wage and making sure that Planet Nanny’s prices are low helps make that easier. We also want to make sure that lots of different families can use our services. We have had heaps of experience with other means of finding work and having one that allows the nanny/sitter to look for a position without cost and keep costs down for our families is our goal!

How do you find your caregivers?

We believe in a strong nanny community and we pull our Planet Nanny nannies and sitters from within that community. We believe in building, growing and maintaining strong relationships from within our community. Our nannies are people that we feel exhibit the characteristics of a fantastic caregiver and all around exceptional people.

Can you help us set up Taxes or Payroll?

Nannies are household employees and should be paid legally by their employers. We can help by providing information about payroll and tax services, giving families simple options to hire correctly and legally.

Does Planet Nanny have a guarantee?

We do our best to create and foster lasting relationships but sometimes things don't work out. We understand, so beginning with your nanny's start date, we offer a 3 month guarantee period. If for any reason within this timeline your Planet Nanny nanny does not meet your expectations, we will happily rematch your family. In our goal to keep happy families and nannies, we also offer help with mitigation if difficulties or misunderstandings arise. Planet Nanny is always here to support your family.

How do I start looking for a nanny?

Please fill out a family application on our website: This helps us learn more about you and your family. Someone will follow up with you shortly to discuss your needs more over the phone and schedule a meeting meeting to further discuss your childcare needs.

What are Industry Standard Benefits for Nannies?

Paid Vacation (2 Weeks)
Paid Holidays
Paid Sick Days (3-5 Days)
Paid Inclement Weather Days
Guaranteed Hours
Household Account
Mileage Reimbursement (Current 2019 rate is 58 cents per mile)

Does Planet Nanny offer Temp nannies?

We focus on Full-time and Part-time nanny placements. Due to this, we assist with temporary care on a case by case basis. However, we are partnered with a wonderful temp agency in Portland, Spilt Milk Nannies. They are a great resource for our families needing a temporary caregiver.

Covid-19 Service Update

Covid-19/ Service update: Effective immediately and for the foreseeable future, Planet Nanny is ceasing all placements and processing of applications. These unprecedented times have been difficult for so many and especially challenging for many human-centric companies where we rely heavily on meeting our applicants and clients face to face. In the interest of public safety and in holding fast to our own standards, we don't feel that we can continue offering our services until such a time as the risk to health and well-being has been resolved. We want to thank our clients and our caregivers for their dedication to our company over the years. We hope that someday in the future, we may be able to serve you again. Much love and stay healthy, The Planet Nanny Team

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